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Inspired by many games in the Move to Earn movement, LuxWorld (LW) was born to allow users to earn money from traveling. In other words, this application pioneers the trend of “Travel to Earn”, which is receiving a lot of expectations from the community. Therefore, it is about to be released, but LuxWorld promises to become a “blockbuster” that will heat up the market in this downtrend season!

Easily earn money from travel with just a check-in

Suppose STEPN — is an exercise application that helps users improve their health and make money from their walking/running movements. In that case, LuxWorld is also a web3 application that allows you to make money from medical activities.

When users still need clarification about interactions in the virtual world, LW was born with the mission of connecting people closer together. In the world of LuxWorld, you can not only connect with other members but also earn money from your passion for travel and contribute to building green tourism activities, protecting the world from harmful tourism activities.

What’s outstanding about LuxWorld?

According to information from the project’s whitepaper and official channels, LW provides users with two types of NFTs: Luggage (baggage) and Node (location).

LuxWorld has three game modes. Accordingly, with Journey Mode, players only need to use NFT Luggage/Node and perform check-in to earn rewards easily. In addition, users also have the opportunity to become members and enjoy preferential privileges for members of brands and brands that provide Check-in Node locations.

In LuxNGO Mode, travel events in the metaverse will be organized by LuxWorld for travel followers by month, quarter, or year. However, players must register at least one week in advance to participate.

And if users can’t check in at locations, Free Destination mode is suitable because they can still maintain a healthy lifestyle. With 3000 steps per day, NFT luggage owners can still earn 1 LUX.

For NFT Luggage, this web3 project offers travelers players (called Travelers) 4 types of Luggage: Suitcase (suitcase), Backpack (backpack), Duffle (travel bag), and Briefcase (load). Every kind of suitcase meets different travel needs. Still, all have the same four attributes, including:

  • Space (affects earning rewards),
  • Luck (affects the ability to receive Lucky Box gifts),
  • Flexibility (affects Minting Speed ​​time and check-in time), and
  • Renovation (directly affects the durability of Luggage).
How to mint Luggages in app

There is one thing particular users must note, through each check-in, the durability of Luggage will decrease, directly affecting the ability to earn tokens. And to ensure Luggage’s monetization, what users need to do is repair Luggage.

If the user wants to increase attribute points, it is possible to upgrade Luggage by buying rarer quality Luggage or inserting a Diamond into the Lock padlock.

For NFT Check-in Node, owners of Check-in Node locations (known as Check-in Node Owners, or Owners) can fully earn passive money after travelers make check-in node. After owning the NFT Check-in Node, Owners can choose “hot” places to put their Check-in Node there to attract a lot of “travelers” to explore and perform check-in.

Check-in Node in LuxWorld has four quality categories: Classic, Grand, Premium, and Luxury. Each Check-in Node has four attributes: Popularity (affects the ability to earn tokens), Luck (affects the probability of receiving Lucky Box), Coverage (the valid radius for users to check in), and Resilience (affects the Node’s energy). Node’s attribute point increase has the exact mechanism as Luggage.

Moreover, LW is having a whitelist as well as connecting the community in Crew3 through doing tasks.

In addition, according to the reveal from the project, users may receive a limited number of free NFT Check-in Nodes in the early stages of the project’s launch. So, quickly follow their official channels to not miss the lucky chance to participate when the free mint NFT Check-in Node campaign is launched!

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