What Crypto KOLs recommend in Q4 2022

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4 min readOct 29, 2022


Vitalik Buterin

Buterin expressed surprise that the accident had not happened sooner. He said that a crypto bubble typically lasts about 6–9 months after breaking the previous top, after which the rapid drop occurs quickly. However, the bull market lasted for almost a year and a half.

The Ethereum co-founder knows that the bull market will eventually end and drop. He suggested that the crypto market volatility could aid in slowing down and achieving gains in gold and equities.

Buterin thinks the discount is good for the market. He believes that the market at this time is “purifying” the projects, making them better, unlike the Terra bubble.

It can be seen that Vitalik Buterin’s vision is a wild one on the cryptocurrency market, so he thinks that the crypto winter may not be a problem for him.

Sam Bankman-Fried

FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has said that the crypto winter could be significantly worse regarding asset values. According to the billionaire investor, the sector requires proper regulation, and it doesn’t matter who makes the regulation.

Despite the Bitcoin price dropping below $20,000 several times in recent times, the CEO of FTX doesn’t think things will be this bad. Bankman-Fried has warned that the Bitcoin price drop could be much worse in the near term. The investor says he is not concerned about the eventual collapse of the sector.

The wealthy investor thinks it doesn’t matter much that there is confusion about which authority will have jurisdiction over crypto activities. He also said that he does not like any government agency overseeing the sector, noting that the SEC or CFTC would be sufficient. It can be seen that Sam is still concerned about the increasingly severe legal issues of US law enforcement in the coming time.

Changpeng Zhao

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao says the crypto industry will weather the current drop.

Changpeng Zhao said some cryptocurrencies might drop in price, and some projects may fail, but the industry will stay.

The recent market plunge brought in smaller tokens and drove the digital currency market down.

Zhao argues that blockchain is a proven technology and not a bubble that will burst. He wants people to understand the various innovations emerging in the crypto space. There are also failures in this industry, but losses are essential, allowing us to learn from them and improve.

It can be seen that CZ is quite optimistic about the crypto market in the long term. However, he cautions that there are many risks in the industry, and Zhao believes that high profits should not be pursued because the coming time will be difficult for the industry.

Brian Armstrong

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong also shared some grim news on the digital sector. Armstrong suggested that the cryptocurrency winter we’re experiencing could last another 18 months.

Brian hinted that people wish that it shouldn’t be more than 12 to 18 months, followed by a quick recovery in the market. However, it is unpredictable, and it is impossible to imagine which trend will emerge and how long the bearish state will last.

So he’s not trying to romanticize or be overly optimistic about the market’s future. In the future, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong is still quite cautious about the near future, specifically the end of the year for the crypto market.

Arthur Hayes

The Fear and Greed Index recently signaled terrible news for the market, but BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes says it’s time to buy.

Hayes thinks the price action is terrible if investors are here in the short term. In the opposite situation, it could mean you misread the market. In this case, investors have three options, according to Hayes: cover up, hold on or add more.

He believes only those whose investment views have changed should leave the market. Giving an example with Ethereum and The Merge, he asserted that if the long-awaited event were canceled for some reason, it would make him nervous about his position.

Hayes seems bullish on The Merge — the event that will eventually see Ethereum’s transition from energy-intensive PoW to more nature-friendly PoS. The BitMEX co-founder said he believes there may be a sell-in moment, meaning the price could bounce back in the short term, but it will ultimately be positive for long-term investors.

Hayes advises that it is risky for investors at the end of this year when the last two quarters witnessed investors’ pain.



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